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Intellectual Property: all you need to know about industrial design

An industrial design, also known as design patent, is a form of intellectual property protection. Its aim is to protect the visual aspects of an article. These are its design, shape, pattern or ornament. This means that it concerns the aesthetics…
Intellectual Property of Kuasa

Intellectual Property Rights: Mergers & Acquisitions

Almost all transactions related to Mergers & Acquisitions involve some type of Intellectual Property. Generally, this is the most valuable asset that a company own. Why is it important to learn about this? Making informed decision about…
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Intellectual Property: how to protect and track domain names

Intellectual Property refers to the ownership of and rights to ideas and creations of the mind. It comprises the establishment and protection of a wide range of rights, in which domains can be categorised. Most IP requires some form of registration…
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Counterfeit products: what are the implications of using those?

A counterfeit product is an item that closely resembles another one, an original, in order to trick customers into making a purchase. Even today, with officials and authorities trying to control the activities of the criminal organizations that…
The Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol: advantages of Mauritius signing up for the protocol

The Madrid protocol is an international treaty designed to simplify the international trademark registration process. Thanks to this system, registrants are able to complete a single application that is applicable in more than 90 countries. How…
Intellectual property in Mauritius: the Industrial Property Act 2019

Intellectual property in Mauritius: the Industrial Property Act 2019

On the 30th of July 2019, the Mauritius Parliament approved and passed the Industrial Property Bill 2019. This Act has been designed to update and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, it is going to harmonise…